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    Payment & Refund Policy

    Welcome to Parinay Prasang matrimonial services. which shall unless excluded by or repugnant to the subject or context be deemed to include its affiliates, successors, agents and assigns (hereinafter referred as Service Provider). ParinayPrasang.com shall mean and includes the online platform, website, mobile applications, blog, social media accounts, or software program developed by Service Provider from time to time pertaining to matrimonial service only. All the payments for services related to ParinayPrasang.com are to be deposited in the name of Parinay Prasang Vaivahik Sanstha.

    Payments for the various services offered by ParinayPrasang.com shall be on a 100% advance basis. All the payments for the services once paid will be non-refundable and any amount paid shall stand appropriated. By using our services and making payment to ParinayPrasang.com on the website or mobile application, you agree to be bound by these payment terms & refund hereinafter referred as Payment Policy. Please read the Payment Policy carefully. All the payment will be handled as per this Payment Policy.

    1. Acceptance of this Payment Policy

    This Payment Policy is an electronic contract that sets out the legal binding terms of use for making payment to purchase membership service on this website. This Payment Policy can be modified by Service Provider at any point of time. Any such modifications will become effective as per the discretion of Service Provider. By accessing ParinayPrasang.com and making payment, you accept this Payment Policy and agree to all of the terms, conditions and notices contained or referenced herein.

    2. Purchase of paid membership

    To purchase a ‘Paid Membership’, User have to register as a FREE/Unpaid member. Once User is registered with ParinayPrasang.com, please follow the following steps to purchase paid membership: –

    A. Go to ‘ParinayPrasang.com’ and login to your account.
    B. From your dashboard click on the ‘Upgrade to Connect’ Option. You can choose the appropriate membership and follow all the instruction to make payments.

    4. Payment in case of international Credit/Debit Cards

    User can make payments using major international Credit Card and Debit Card. All payments are displayed on the site in Indian Rupees (INR). For International Debit/Credit cards equivalent amount in your local currency will be deducted from your account as per the rate conversion calculated by our Payment Gateway. In case your banks charges any fee for debit/credit card may also apply.
    For debit cards please check with your banks also. Some banks do not allow using debit cards online.

    5. Payment using check/cheque/draft

    For payment made through check/cheque/draft, the package will become active only after Service Provider receives your payment and deposit it in the bank. Prior to sending payment through check/cheque/draft please purchase the package on ParinayPrasang.com and select the payment option as ‘Check/Cheque/Draft. User can send check/cheque/draft through courier or registered mail or drop it in person at the address below. All payment must be drawn in Indian Bank and payment must be made in favor of Account Name below. Please print and send invoice along with your payment and mention your Parinay Prasang ProfileID and Order ID on the payment

    6. Safety while using online payment gateway

    Every payment transaction you do on ‘ParinayPrasang.com’ is 100% secure. All payments are processed using highly secure network of ICICI & Citrus Payment Gateway. This gateway uses one of the highest security levels available in the industry. To provide you with highest level of security of the sensitive data ParinayPrasang.com does not collect and store any payment related data (Credit/Debit Card and Account details). We redirect you to secure site of our Payment Gateway partners to enter sensitive payment data directly on the interface provided by them.

    ParinayPrasang.com uses third party payment gateway and failure in these gateways would be communicated to the users as it is. Extra currency/conversion/charges/deductions/error issues from payment gateway shall not be the responsibility of ParinayPrasang.com

    7. Refund for the amount paid

    ll membership purchases at ParinayPrasang.com are final. Service Provider do not refund or cancel any membership fees. Membership is co-extensive with the profile. Membership expires as soon as the profile is deleted or terminated, and cannot be reactivated. No refunds will be made in case profile is deleted or inactivated or terminated. Any exceptions to refund policy will be made at the sole discretion of Parinay Prasang. Only in situation where user upgrades to a higher package then Parinay Prasang management may decide to refund money for unused month(s). No refund will be made if you upgrade in the last month of the membership plan. All refunds will be made in Indian Rupees. In case of international credit/debit card the Payment Gateway will convert it to equivalent amount in your local currency at the time of refund. That may not be same as conversion rate charged when the payment was made. In addition, banks and issuing authorities may deduct some additional fee which Service Provider will not be responsible for.

    8. Activation of Package

    Ideally, for online payment using Credit Card, Debit Card and Net Banking the account is activated within 24-48 hours. If you are using check/cheque/draft, then account will be activated within 48 hours after the payment realization in Service Provider account. In case of public holidays or some technical issue in payment clearance this activation may take some more time.

    All services which are defined by any Time Period indicated in Months shall imply one month to be equal to 30 days and for any longer duration services the total duration in days will be the number of months multiplied by 30.

    9. Expiry of Package

    Your package will expire once the duration for which you have purchased membership is over. You can renew your package 30 days prior to its expiration to continue accessing the features.

    10. Disputes Arising

    That all the disputes arising under the Privacy Policy shall be dealt at Gurgaon in accordance with the mechanism stated in Terms of Usage under Jurisdiction and Dispute Resolution clause.

    For any further queries regarding making payments or payment that you have already made to Parinay Prasang, contact our Customer Support.